At the zoo

What did our homeschool day look like today? We spent a good chunk of the day at the zoo!

We are really lucky. The Cincinnati Zoo is awesome – it’s big enough that you can focus on a different area each visit but small enough that if you want to cover the whole thing in one trip, you can. The interpretive staff is excellent. They have lots of volunteers and students ready to answer a four-year old’s questions. For example, today:

“Do African Painted Dogs like to swim” (Answer: Our male loves to swim!)

“Do African Painted Dogs live in groups” (Answer: Yes! They live in packs with lots of babies.)

“How big was the Ruddy Shelduck when it was a newborn?” (Answer: Smaller than a human fist.)

“What does the corn snake eat?” (Answer: small mice and aquatic creatures smaller than it’s belly.)

etc. etc. etc.

We also got to pet a corn snake and a ball python (where the interpretive staff asked questions back of L, which was fantastic!).

The signage is informative but also readable (L knows right where to find diet information on each sign and delights in reading aloud their diet and then classifying them as carnivore/omnivore/herbivore).

They also have great printables available to use as scaffolds for your own visits (just click on the grade level of interest). We used the Pk-K “color the rainbow” today. Emperor scorpion shells under ultraviolet light glow green. Giraffe tongues are purple. Great opportunities to practice writing, too, which L’s hands are just not quite ready for yet.

So, what did we do all day? Science. Reading. Writing. Listening and speaking. Physical exercise. Oh, we also held hands, laughed, and sang. Zoo school rocks.

Peeking at the ostrich peeking back at us

Peeking at the ostrich peeking back at us