February, you are a cruel, cruel month

It turns out February and Mr Burns have a lot in common. We’ve had a few great moments as homeschoolers and as a family, this month, but it’s mostly been a month where whatever our plans were, February decided to upend them.

We had house guests. Lovely, but disruptive to routine. Each of us, first Little, then husband, and now me, have been sick. Throw in a few holidays and the whole month is shot.

And extra day this month? Ha! Turns out Leap Year means that we’re going to leap over our routine this month. And I can kick and scream and worry about it (and believe me, I did), but not a damn thing is going to change.

I’ve had a fever for the past 72 hours.

Well played, February. Well played.


But March? Oh, I’m coming for you, March.


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