Deciding to homeschool

We decided to homeschool late during the last school year (spring of 2014) when we realized that school wasn’t meeting L’s needs, the other schools we were visiting as alternatives didn’t seem better suited to meet her needs, and we were starting to look at schools more expensive for a preschooler than the cost of a full year at the university where I teach.

It’s kind of odd to be homeschooling since my hubby is a 15-year veteran of public school teaching, I am a former public school teacher, and I am currently a teacher educator at the university. Everything in our home and lives is geared around schools — traditional definition here, as in a place where a group of kids approximately the same age go at the same time to learn content closely related to one another — and yet we’re foregoing it for now. This is after three years of sending L to school (* see traditional definition above).

Anyway, I intend to use this blog both as a means of communication with others about what we’re doing, what works, what doesn’t work (!), and generally as a way to professionally engage in this practice, but also as a personal accounting of what we’re doing, what works, what doesn’t work (!), and generally as a way to professional engage in this practice.

I’ve already noticed that when I pay attention to what L is telling me, either with words or behavior, I’m better able to adjust to what works for her in that moment. When I journal about it, I’m even better. This is going to be the avenue I try to use to document our process.

Timer is dinging. Coffee is brewed. Gotta go!


2 thoughts on “Deciding to homeschool

  1. sky6rep says:

    Before you read anything…I know I’m posting as a non-parent and as such I am a well-intentioned idiot.
    As a former home-schooled kid I know that I loved the flexibility of our situation. But as a mom & teacher do you find it better or worse to work with her on her schedule or work to get her on your schedule. I’m also thinking about this in terms of organizations. Adult/employees are really just children with bigger bodies. 🙂


    • You know you’re not a well-intentioned idiot! I think that for right now, trying to formalize schooling with her is like trying to squeeze an octopus into a vase. In those moments when she wants to go into the vase, we’re good. When she doesn’t want to go into the vase, we’re not going to get all eight limbs in, and we’ll just get wet and mad trying. For now, while I try to nudge her toward scheduling, I feel like I have to be really aligned with her rhythm, interests, and mood to make this work. What do you think?


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